How do I apply "Brand Filters" and "Social Channel" filters to the River of News Feed screen ?

Desktop Version

1) Brand Filters

Navigate to the River of news feed screen and click on the "Dashboard Settings" button. 

Click on the "Show by brand context" tab and check mark the brands that you would like to be displayed on the screen. 

Note : At most only 3 brands can be shown on the desktop version.

You can also specify the date range that you would like to apply to the screen. 

Click on "Update Filters" button and the changes will be represented on the screen.


2) Social Channel filters. 

Navigate to the "Show by Social channels" tab and check mark the social channels that you would like the screen to display, and click on "update filters".

TV Version

 Navigate to the "MESH Admin" tab and click on the River of news feed thumbnail.

Click on the River of news feed thumbnail 

Specify the Brands , date ranges and social channels as required and click on "Save changes to dashboard  button"

Return to screen settings page and click on the "Save and push changes to screen" button. Refresh the screen browser.

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