How do I change the time period and social channels in Brand Buzz screen ?

Desktop Version

In order to change the date range and social channels, Click on the "MESH" tab and navigate to the Brand screen. Click on the "Dashboard Settings" button.

You can change the time period of the screen by specifying the number of days or by providing a date range. If you are specifying the number of days click on the "BY NO. OF DAYS" tab and type in the number of days in the text box.

The social channel filters are displayed in the right side panel. By default all are selected. If you want to remove certain social channels you can simply click and un-select a social channel.

Once applying the filters is completed, click on "Update Filters" button and "Close".

 To change the time period by specifying a date range, click on the "BY DATE RANGE" tab and specify the date range you prefer, once completed click on "Update Filters" button and "Close".


TV Version

In order to change the date range and social channels on the TV Version, Navigate to the "MESH Admin" tab and click on the "Brand Buzz" screen thumbnail.

Note : Make sure you are in the correct Room relevant to the brand you will be managing.

Next click on the "Brand Buzz" thumbnail again.

Specify the time period you prefer and the social channels and click on the "Save Changes to Dashboard" button. Refresh the browser and the changes will be displayed on the screen.

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