Adding Facebook Pages for VSocial Community Manager

In order for VSocial to monitor and pull conversations from a Facebook Page, the particular Facebook page needs to be added to VSocial.

Before adding the Facebook page to VSocial there are a few prerequisites to be completed.

Having Admin or Editor permission to the Facebook Page

To get started, please make sure you have Admin or Editor permission to the particular Facebook page. Once you obtain Admin or Editor rights to the page you are eligible to add the Facebook page to VSocial.

Getting your VSocial user account created.

If you do not have an account to the particular VSocial, you can contact your VSocial administrator by sending an email to “” and request for your account to be created. Please make sure to include the following information in your request email

  • Name of the VSocial setup to which the Facebook page will be added.
  • Your preferred email to be used for the VSocial user account.
  • Your First and Last name.

Once your VSocial user account setup is completed an email will be sent to you from VSocial that will look something like below:

For more information regarding setting up a password and logging into your VSocial account, please refer to the following article.

Once you have successfully logged into VSocial, adding the Facebook page can be commenced.

 Adding a Facebook page to VSocial.

To add a Facebook page to VSocial, click on the “Gear” icon and then click on “Subscribe Pages”.

Next, click on the “Subscribe Pages” button to your top right.

If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be prompted with a box as seen below to log in to Facebook.

Once logged into Facebook the Facebook page(s) that you have admin privileges will be shown. Simply check mark the page that you need to add and click on the “Subscribe” button.

The successfully added Facebook page will be shown like below:

Please note: It is important to never remove your account from the admin list, downgrade the role or change your Facebook password without informing us. Otherwise, VSocial won't function properly.

Once the page has been successfully added contact your VSocial admin by sending an email to “” and inform that you have successfully added the page, the remaining tasks will be done by the VSocial admin.

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