Adding Instagram accounts to VSocial Conversation Manager

In order for VSocial to monitor and pull conversations from an Instagram account, the particular account needs to be added to VSocial.

Before adding the Instagram account to VSocial make sure you have access to "Instagram Setup" under the "Settings" tab in Vsocial. 

If you do not have access, please send an email to “” and one of the VSocial Admins will grant access.

 Adding an Instagram account

 To add an account visit "Settings (Gear Icon)" then "Instagram Setup", Click on "Connect Instagram" button.

If you are not already logged into the Instagram account, you will be prompted with a box as seen below to log in to Instagram.

 Insert the username and the password of the Instagram account that you wish to add to VSocial and click on "Log in".

The successfully added Instagram account will be displayed as below with the status "Subscribed".



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