Posting New Messages on Twitter

Users who have the necessary publish rights to a specific Twitter account in VSocial will be able to post Tweets, both in real time, and also scheduled at a later date.

To get started, after logging in, click on the "Publisher" tab followed by the "Composer" sub-tab.

The following page will be displayed, with a list of workflow(s) at the bottom of the page. You are required to select a workflow containing the relevant social channels that you are intending to create content for. 

Selecting a workflow will immediately lead you to the Composer page.

Composer layout for Twitter

1. The left column of the Composer page is where you manage the social channels you will be making content updates to. Select the Twitter account you wish to tweet to. 

2. In the text area, you may type the Tweet that you wish to post on the Twitter account. The text box permits content of up to 140 characters, which is inclusive of an image link should you upload a photo.

3. If you wish to include a photo to accompany your text message, ensure that your tweet has enough characters to accommodate the image link. Click on "Browse" to select the photo you would like to upload. (Note: your photo must be below 3MB in size.) You will be notified as soon as the photo has been uploaded successfully. 

Scheduling a Post

By default, the ''Publish when approved'' option will be checked. Note that when this option is selected, the post will be published as soon as final approval is obtained. (That means if the final approver approves of the post at 2am, it will go live at 2am, which may not be ideal.) 

Should you wish to schedule the post for later, the "Later'' check box has to be selected and date and time options will appear. 

Clicking on the calendar text area will open a date picker control where you can select the date that you wish to publish the post. Beside it are 2 drop down boxes where the publish time can be set.


You may wish to see a preview of how the post will turn out on the actual Twitter page by clicking on the "Preview'' button.

Submitting for approval

Once the post is ready to be submitted for approval or real time publishing (in the case when approval levels are set to auto-approve), you need to click on the "Save" button before the "Submit'' button right below it is clickable. 


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