New Community Manager- What you should know

Display of Conversation threads

With effect from June 2015, VSocial has made slight changes to the way its Conversation feed in Community Manager works for users. 

The update made to the Community Manager tab has a very subtle difference in how conversation threads are displayed. If you recall prior to the update, when you viewed conversations, by default, only the most recent (incoming) comment or PM would be shown in the thread. You would need to click "LOAD x MORE" link to view the older conversations in the thread.

Since the update, we're now showing the most recent 3 comments or PMs (including outgoing responses) for each individual status/message. This means users should scroll through the Community Manager page to view new comments pegged to their respective threads.

New Display ID Structure

We recently implemented a new Display ID structure where IDs are now strings of random numerical digits and alphabets. Previously, Conversation IDs were running numbers which users used to surface conversations. We presently still support this function. However, in the coming months, we would like to announce that all users will have to shift to the new system of retrieving conversations with the new Display ID.


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