Managing Workflows as an Administrator

To ensure users have access to VSocial Publisher (regardless of the role), ensure the user is given access to Publisher by following the instructions at Managing VSocial Users.

First, access the VSocial settings by clicking on the cog tab at the top:

Next, find the "Content Workflows" option on the left:

You will see a listing of existing workflows. Click the "Create New Workflow" button:

 The first thing you'll need to do is give the new Workflow a name. Click on the text "Please Input a Name"...

... and type the name in.

The system will automatically check if the name exists. If it doesn't, it will be created and more options will appear below. You'll then need to specify:

  • Social Channels that will be managed using this workflow
  • User(s) who will be content creaters
  • User(s) who will be approvers at any of the levels (1-3)
  • User(s) who will be Managers (oversight of Workflow)

Setting Social Channels

Click the "Edit" button at the top of the Social Channels Section:

When clicking, you will see a list of available Social Channels:

If the list is long, you can use the search bar to filter the list to the Social Channels you want. When you find the channel(s) you want to add to the workflow, you can simply click to select them.

After selecting the Channel(s), click the SAVE button at the top.

Setting the Users' Roles

Under each user role section (Content Creators, Approvers, Managers), you can add the users in much the same was as you did for the Social Channels. 

Setting an Approval Level to Auto-Approve

There will be cases where you don't want to have any users configured at all Approval Levels. You may wish to only have approvers at Level 1, but let Level 2 and 3 be "Auto Approve" levels. You can accomplish this by checking the box next to Auto Approve when editing a specific Level's users:

Completing the Workflow Configuration

When you are satisfied with the workflow settings, you may then "Enable" the workflow by clicking "Enable" at the top of the screen:

Note that all sections must be complete, meaning each approver level must have at least one user set or be set to "Auto Approve".





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