Using Publisher's Content Calendar (Calendar View)

Curating and publishing great content can be a lot of work. With Publisher's Content Calendar, users can get organized and figure out a schedule that works best for their business.

Clicking on the ''Content Calendar'' sub-tab under Publisher directs users to a classic one-month in a page calendar that provides them with a convenient view into their content. This way, users can easily see which posts are on track to being published on time and which will require additional adjustments. 

The left column of the page is a filter feature that allows users to filter the calendar by post status or Social Channels from a selected Content Workflow.

1. Filtering by Content Workflow

Users have to select a workflow from a list of which they have permissions to access. 

2. Filtering by Social Channels

Users may select one or more Social Channels from where they would like to view and plan content.

3. Filtering by Post Status

There are 4 status options users may choose to filter their content by. Colors pegged to each status will be displayed accordingly on the calendar view.

Published/Posted- Content that has been made available on relevant Social Channels.

Draft- Content that is in the middle of a drafting process.

Pending- Content that has been created and pending approval.

Approved- Content that has been approved and is ready for publishing.

Viewing posts in detail

Clicking on any specific post in the calendar displays a pop-up that gives its full content description, including who it was authored by and its assigned approvers. Users may also choose to view the full post in a timeline layout by clicking on the "View in Timeline" button. 





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