Approving or Rejecting Content

When content is submitted for review by the approvers, Publisher will send an email notification to the one or more approvers responsible for the Workflow.

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The email that Publisher sends to approvers will look something like this:

Clicking on the "View in Workflow Manager" link will direct the approver to the content that requires attention, however, logging into VSocial will be required.

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Upon logging in, the approver will see content from the workflow that he/she has permissions to access.

Filtering Content

The left column is a filtering feature that allows the approver to immediately select the "Waiting for my Approval" checkbox to sift out all the content awaiting his/her approval.

  • Drafts- Content that the Content Author has not submitted for approval.
  • Pending- Content that the Content Author has submitted for approval.
  • Waiting for my Approval- Content awaiting review by the Approver.
  • Approved and Scheduled- Content that has been approved and scheduled to publish on a specific date and time.

Approving Content

The Level 1 approver will conduct a content review and determine if the post should be accepted or rejected. Do note that if there is more than 1 user designated as approver in each level, approvals are on a ''first come, first serve'' basis. This means, as long as one user approves the content, the content will be promoted to the next approval level. 

Once the Level 1 approver accepts the post, the Level 1 approval status will change to indicate that it has been approved.

Level 2 approver(s) will now get an email notification that invites them for the next phase of approval with a similar set of procedures. In this example, since Level 3 has been set to ''Auto Approval'', the workflow will be completed once Level 2 has been approved.

Rejecting Content

However, if at any step of the way should an approver decide to reject the post, it must be accompanied with a reason for the rejection.


Once the approver has submitted his/her reason for the rejection, the Content Author will receive a notification to make the necessary changes to the original post.

The Content Author proceeds to edit the post and re-submits it for a similar approval process once again.

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