Using Publisher's Content Calendar (Timeline View)

Publisher's Content Calendar was created to support brands in developing and executing strategies for their social media workflows. It offers 2 different views that serve to facilitate the planning and scheduling of content.

1. Calendar View Read about the Calendar View here!

2. Timeline View.

While the Calendar View allows users to easily see a big picture of activities spanning any selected month, the Timeline view offers an alternative way of browsing all posts in a layout representing the history of content created, whether they have been scheduled and published or are still in the middle of a drafting process.

Clicking on ''Content Calendar'' by default directs users to the Calendar View. To switch to the Timeline View, users need to click on the "Timeline View" sub-tab.

Users will immediately see a timeline layout of posts and other stories created with Publisher. The posts are ordered by the date and time they are scheduled, with the earliest scheduled one on top and subsequent ones assigned to publish at later dates moving down the page.

The left column of the page is a filter feature that allows users to filter the timeline by post status or Social Channels from a selected Content Workflow.

1. Filtering by Content Workflow

Users have to select a workflow from a list of which they have permissions to access.

2. Filtering by Social Channels

Users may select one or more Social Channels from where they would like to view and plan content.

3. Filtering by Post Status

There are 4 status options users may choose to filter their content by. 

Published/Posted- Content that has been made available on relevant Social Channels.

Draft- Content that is in the middle of a drafting process.

Pending- Content that has been created and pending approval.

Approved- Content that has been approved and is ready for publishing.

Each post listed in the timeline is accompanied by an information box on the right column of the page, detailing who the post was authored by and its assigned approvers at different levels.

The status of each post is reflected by a specific colored bar highlighting the right border of the information box.



Regardless of user preferences, the option to view content in the Calendar or Timeline layout enables users to effectively manage and monitor posts, ensuring that tasks move forward successfully according to predetermined plans and schedules.

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