VSocial Browser Support


In order to keep up with the hottest web technologies and reduce maintenance costs, VSocial has been built for and tested to work on current and one (1) previous major version of the following browsers:

  • Chrome on Windows and Mac
  • MS Internet Explorer on Windows
  • Safari on Windows and Mac
  • Firefox on Windows and Mac

As of this writing, the current and 1 major previous versions considered "supported" are:

 Browser Windows Mac
Internet Explorer 11, 10 N/A
Firefox 33, 32 33, 32
Chrome 39, 38 39, 38
Safari N/A 7, 6
VSocial does not support "beta" browsers, or other browsers such as Opera, Flock, etc. All versions listed in the table above are "stable" - not "dev" or "beta".
Last Updated: 20 August, 2013
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