Managing VSocial User Groups


Groups can be created and each Group will have its set of permissions that can differ from other Groups and Users.

The designated Administrator will have the right to manage groups' access to VSocial from his/her organization.


Getting Started

Only Administrators will be able to see the "Settings" tab. Locate it, and click it.

 9-10-2013 10-19-00 AM.jpg

This will load up the settings page for VSocial. At this time, the only Settings available is the user management.


Once you click on "Create/Edit Groups" from the Settings tab, you will see a Groups listing like below.


The 7 identified items are:

  1. Create New Group Button
  2. Name of Existing Group
  3. Link to view current permissions assigned to the group
  4. Number of users in the group
  5. Link to manage the users assigned to the group
  6. Link to edit group details
  7. Visual listing of up to 9 members of the group

Adding New Groups

To add a new user to the system, find the Create New Group button at the top of the user listing. Once clicked, it will show an Add Group form. This is the required first step before you can manage the Group's permissions or Users.


The Add Group view is reserved only for "meta" data for the group, namely:

  1. Name of Group
  2. Email (optional, and for future functionality, not in use now)
  3. Status (default set to Enabled)

Manage Permissions of Group

Group Permissions is identical to User permissions. Please take a moment and review the Managing VSocial Users article.

Note: you will need to explicitly click the check box next to each Social Media Account you wish to give the Group access to. (i.e. "All Accounts" isn't honored by Groups)


Users added to a Group will inherit the group's permissions. Care will need to be taken: users should be inadvertently added to a group that may provide more permissions that is intended for that user.

Managing User Membership in Group

Adding/Removing Users in a Group from the Group Management tool is easy.

When you click the "View Users" link for the Group, a list of VSocial Users will appear below.


Simply clicking on the User (to add the orange border) and then clicking "Save Users" will add the user(s) to the Group.

Clicking again the user to remove the orange box and clicking "Save Users" will remove the user from the Group.



At this time, the following cannot be done by the Administrator:

  1. Removing/Deleting Groups
  2. Disabling Groups
  3. Removing *all* users from a Group

The reason for these restrictions is since Conversations can be assigned to Groups, removing a group or all users from a group could result in Conversations being "lost" - these Conversations wouldn't be assigned to anyone anymore.

If you would like to do any of the following, please contact support at

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