Hiding, and Unhiding, Facebook Posts


Community Managers using VSocial are able to Hide (and unhide) Facebook Posts from their Brand Pages.

Incoming posts that are deemed inappropriate can be "hidden" from view from the fan base of the Page while the original author will still be able to see it as per normal. The alternative would be to delete the post (which is permanent), however, this can have undesirable consequences as the Bran Page can be accused of removing posts from pages.

An important point of clarity regarding hiding posts from Facebook"Hiding a post from your Page will remove it from your Page's timeline so people won't see it there. If a post you've hidden was shared, it may still be visible to the audience it was shared with other places on Facebook, such as in News Feed and search."

Hiding a Post

When activating an incoming Facebook timeline post (that is, a post on your brand's timeline by one of your fans), you'll notice a new feature located near the bottom of the Edit Conversation Page "Hide from Facebook Page".


When a post is hidden, the entire box will be "grayed out", meaning, visually it will appear to be disabled in VSocial. 

Normal Post:

 10-14-2013 4-36-31 PM.jpg

Hidden Post:


You can always unhide a post by clicking on the Unhide from Facebook Page button in the Edit Pane.


Detecting Posts That Are Already Hidden

When pulling posts from Facebook, VSocial will check its current status of whether it is hidden or not. If it is, then the status will be changed to hidden and it will be "grayed" out VSocial. You will be able to unhide the post as described above.

In cases where a Facebook Post is hidden directly from Facebook after it is pulled into VSocial, VSocial won't know this status until an action is attempted on that Post. This can be problematic when trying to reply to such a message because hidden posts cannot be replied to (as explained below). When a Community Manager attempts to reply to such a message, an error like what is shown below will be shown:\


Due to limitations with Facebook, the Post in this case could either be deleted or hidden. When this message is encountered, try Hiding, and then Unhiding the message as explained earlier in this article. If the message is indeed deleted, you'll be informed that the post is invalid. You can assume that the post has been deleted in this case. We'll be working on improving VSocial in the near future to try and identify cases where posts are deleted.


What are the Limitations to Hidden Posts?

It is important to note that once a post is hidden, you will not be able to reply to it from VSocial. This is is a limitation on Facebook's side. If you would like you reply to the post, you will need to unhide it first, post your reply, then hide it again.

What can be Hidden?

Only incoming posts by Facebook Page fans can be Hidden. Comments cannot. You also cannot hide a post that originates from the Page (i.e. Outgoing posts that are posted by the Page).

This is a Facebook-only feature.

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