Twitter Direct Messages (DM) and "Following" the User


Twitter Direct Messages are a special case. Twitter restricts the ability for DMing other users. If User A "follows" User B, but User B does not "follow" User A, then User B can DM User A, however, User A cannot DM User B.

A common situation is where a twitter user mentions the brand to ask a question. The brand may require additional details about the user but may not want those details to become public. Direct Message (DM) is the best way to request the additional details.

However, due to the Twitter limitations, it is important that before the brand requests the user to DM the brand their additional details, the brand should first follow the user.

VSocial is able to detect whether the brand follows the user or not.


In the above screenshot, a mention came into the brand. You can see in the context menu that the brand does not yet follow the user, but the option is given to follow the user. "Follow Twitter User".

Clicking on "Follow Twitter User" will instruct twitter to follow the user. Now, when loading the context menu, you'll see the following:


The option has changed to "Unfollow Twitter User". This indicates that the brand now follows the user. The Community Manager can now reply to the user asking the user to DM their details back to the brand.

Twitter User Account Name for Incoming DMs

There may be a situation where the brand already follows the user, but the user does not yet follow the brand. In this situation, the user may DM the brand, but the brand won't be able to reply with a DM (since the user does not follow the brand).

In this case, VSocial exposes the Twitter Account name for incoming DMs. This will allow the Community Manager to mention the user first, asking the user to first follow the brand.


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