Working with Scheduled Posts - Scheduling a Post for Another Time


There may be situations where you want to author a post but will want to automatically post it at a later date/time. A common situation is when you need to do Weekend posts. You author the post on Friday, and schedule it for Saturday.

VSocial Community Manager allows you to do this.


Creating a Scheduled Post

Compose your message as per normal.


Next to When Post?, there are two options. The first, Now, is default. Selecting Schedule will present a date and time picker. Placing your cursor in the date text box will show a calendar where you can easily select the date at which you want the post to be published.


Finally, you can chose the hour and the minute (in segments of 10 minutes).


When you're finished, press the "Post" button.


You can view scheduled posts by accessing the Scheduled Conversations view. Please read the following article for more information: Listing and Filtering Scheduled Posts.


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