Working with Conversation Assignments - Assigning to Others and Viewing Assignments


You can assign a Conversation to another VSocial Community Manager user or group easily from the Edit Conversation Pane.


You simply find the "Assign To" drop-down, find the name of the person or group you wish to assign the conversation to, and then click "Save Changes". The list of users and groups are represented in alphabetical order. Groups are shown first with a prefix "(Group)".


The person or group members whom you assigned the Conversation to will be able to see it when they access the Assignments view. For more information, read the article Listing and Filtering Assignments.

Email Notifications

When a User or a Group is assigned a Conversation, an Email Notification will be generated and sent to the User or each user who is a member of the Group.

The email will look similar to the following:


Note: Please be sure to white-list the sender "" so these notification emails won't be blocked by your spam filters!

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