Saving a Composed Message as a Draft and Editing Later


VSocial Community Manager allows agents to compose a new posting and save it as a draft for the future. Drafts can also be assigned to other VSocial users for further processing.

To get started, after logging in, select one of the content types you wish to compose in the compose area of the Conversations View.


For the purpose of this article, we'll focus on a Facebook Status message.


Saving Composed Message as a Draft

Click in the "What would you like to say?" text area to expand it.  Fill out the form. Now, to publish immediately, you would click the "Publish" button (if you have access to publish).


Instead of clicking that, instead, click the drop-down arrow t the right of the orange button to expand the other options available:


After you click "Save as Draft" the draft will be saved and will be shown below the Compose area. The status of the message will be marked as "DRAFT".



Viewing, Editing and Publishing the Draft

If you want to go back later to modify the draft, or publish right away, you can by first clicking on the "Drafts" tab.


After clicking on this tab, you will see a list of Drafts that you have access to.

To learn more about the Drafts sections, please read the article Listing and Filtering Drafts.

After you find the draft you wish to process, click on it. You will then see the Edit Pane show to the right.


There are a few things you can do immediately at this point.

Publish Draft Immediately

You will see the button Publish Draft Now below the text area with the post content. Clicking that will publish this draft immediately, Note: you must have authorization to publish, otherwise, this button will not be present.


Clicking it will execute the publish action, and you will be shown a "in progress" message:


Edit Draft Before Publishing

Editing the text of the draft inline will cause the action button to change from Publish Draft Now to Save Draft. Clicking the drop-down menu next to Save Draft will reveal another option, Publish Draft , which will publish the updated draft immediately.

Assigning the Draft to another VSocial User

The user can, at this stage, decide to assign the draft to another VSocial User, such as their Manager. This can be done in the Edit Conversation Pane to the right.


After selecting the user, or group of users, and clicking the Save Changes button, the user (or group of users) will be sent an email notification informing them of the assignment.


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