Viewing Social CRM Data on Authors of Conversation Messages


A core feature of VSocial is the unified data model of all Fans/Users who touch the Brand in Social. We call this User Insights or Social CRM.

Every piece of information collected about a Fan/User, or content authorized by the Fan/User to be transmitted to a VSocial-enabled Social Application will be stored in the VSocial Database.

When using VSocial Community Manager, the Agent may see an "INFO" button underneath the Fan's profile Picture.


 Moving your mouse over this icon will show a simple small popup that will show key information about the user.


Data Points Include:

  • Name of User
  • Email Collected either from Facebook (or other Social Network) or from another VSocial application
  • Number of Facebook Friends
  • Number of Facebook Page Likes
  • The Frequency of accessing, Number of Shares from, and Number of Referrals within VSocial Apps within the last 30 days.

Clicking on the "INFO" button will open a new window with the user's expanded profile visible.


Note: You may need to purchase a separate license to get this feature. Please contact your VSocial account manager for details.

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