Replying to Conversations in VSocial


Replying to a Conversation was designed to be as easy as possible, yet still encourage the user to perform other "Conversation Triaging or Categorization" activities on the Conversation, as needed.

Selecting a Conversation to Reply To

First, let's learn how to select a Conversation to reply to. When receiving a query that needs to be dealt with, the first thing you should do is click anywhere in the hot area (marked in pink below) of the conversation as per below:

Facebook Wall Post by Fan:


Facebook Comment by Fan:


When you click in the hot area, the conversation will be highlighted, and the Edit Pane will appear to the right:


It is important to understand that actions taken in the Edit Conversation Pane are focused on the Conversation that is in focus, i.e. the question by John Smithe asking Acme where he can purchase their products in Singapore in the example above. The details of the Edit Pane is not the focus of this article; to read more, please read the article Editing an Incoming Conversation using the Edit Pane.


Prepping a Reply

To reply to the user, simply click in the "Reply...." text box. When you place your cursor in the text box and start typing, two thing will happen: 1) A "Lock" will attempt to be obtained by the system, and 2) a "Done" button will appear:


Please read about Conversation Locks in the following article: Managing Conversations With a Team - Conversation Locks.

When you''re finished typing your response, click the Done button. Clicking Done will not publish the response. It will simply send the user to the next step: tagging, assigning, etc. When clicked, the Don button will be replaced with the following:


The purpose of this is to encourage the user to then continue processing the Conversation. The Conversation Edit Pane action button will change from "Save Changes" to "Save and Publish":


Clicking "Save and Publish" will save any changes made to the Conversation you're replying to (Status, Assignment, etc.), and publish the reply immediately. There are a couple other actions that can be taken by clicking on the drop-down, including 1) the default "Save and Publish", 2) Saving the reply as a Draft for handling later, and 3) Saving the reply as a Draft and Assigning that draft to another VSocial user.


Saving Reply as a Draft

If you select the option"Save as Draft", two things will happen: 1) changes made to the Conversation in the Edit Conversation Pane will be saved, and 2) a draft will be saved. You will be able to access the draft at a later time by navigating to the Drafts view from the sub navigation at the top of the screen:


To read more about Draft, please read the article Working with Drafts.

Saving Draft and Assigning to Another User

If you select the third option "Save As Draft And Assign", two things will happen: 1) changes made to the Conversation in the Edit Conversation Pane will be saved, and 2) an Assignments dialog will show asking you to select a VSocial User or Group to assign the Draft to. Be careful - the user or group of users you select at this stage will receive a notification email.

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