Using Tags for Categorizing Conversations

Tags versus Categories

One of the ways VSocial Community Manager can be considered a extremely flexible and adaptive to the organization using it is the Tags feature.

Tags are simple keywords that can be applied to a Conversation. A Conversation can have any number of tags linked to it. It is up to the organization or agent who is using VSocial Community Manager how detailed or how vague the Tags can be.

Tags are much more versatile than Categories for the following reasons:

  1. Generally, only a single Category can be used at a time to describe something. This would be no different if Categories were apart of VSocial Community Manager. Categories would provide structure to the categorization of Conversations, but they would not provide flexibility since only one Category could be used to categorize a Conversation. There are many cases where you would want to categorize a Conversation into many such categories. Tags allow us to do this.
  2. The list and structure of Categories would need to be defined up front. Tags allow us to add new tags on the fly whenever needed in the existing interface the agent is already using.


Filtering by Tags

The Tags filter is located on the left pane of VSocial Community Manager. You can type in as many valid tags here as you want. Filtering by Tags of the Conversations List will follow the OR boolean - It will show all Conversations that match at least one of the specified Tags.


Simply place your cursor in the text box. The most recent Tags used will appear in the dropdown. If the Tag you want to filter by appears in the dropdown, simply select it and it will be placed in the text box. The Conversation List will immediately refresh showing only Conversations that were tagged as that Tag.


If, while your typing in a Tag name, a Tag name matches what you type in, it will be shown under as in this case "positive". You can click it to select it for filtering.


You can select as many Tags as you want to filter as shown in the below screenshot.



Tagging Conversations

When receiving a query that needs to be dealt with, the first place you need to go is the Edit Pane after activating a Conversation.

 9-9-2013 8-40-53 PM.jpg

Adding Tags was designed to be effortless. All that is needed to be done is find the "Tag Conversation" text box, and begin typing!


If you type in a tag that was already added previously, it will be shown below. You can press Enter or click it with your mouse to add.


In this example, we typed in "gears", and it was shown as already existing (above). Clicking it with the mouse will add it to the list:


You can remove the tag by clicking on the X icon.

You can add multiple tags, as many as you wish.

And finally, if the tag you want to add hasn't been created yet, no worries. If the user has the necessary permissions, the system will allow you to add it as you go.


Here, we want to tag the Conversation as "manufacturing", but it hasn't yet been added to VSocial Community Manager. It will allow you to add it right away, simply hit enter. Now it's been added to this Conversation.


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