Layout and Structure of VSocial Community Manager

VSocial Community Manager is designed in a 3-column layout where the middle column is primarily used for viewing and dealing with conversations (the "view"), the left column is used primarily for filtering the view, and the right column is used for editing, or making changes to the Conversations.


The highlighted areas in the screenshot above are explained here:

  1. Application Tabs (to switch between Community Manager, User Insights, and Fan Insights)
  2. Community Manager feature selector
  3. Current user logged into VSocial, and Logout link
  4. New message Compose area
  5. Status filter (filter conversations by status)
  6. Social Media Account selection (for filtering Conversation view)
  7. Filter conversation view by tags assigned to conversations
  8. A Conversation's current Status
  9. Edit Conversation Pane - Set Conversation Status, Assign a Conversation, Add Tags, etc.
  10. A Conversation
  11. Conversation Logs (Audit trail on what was done on the Conversation)
  12. User information rollover from Social CRM (data we have stored about the user if they have previously provided a VSocial-enabled application access to their Social graph)
  13. Quick Reply text box
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