Social Media Services (POPs) supported by VSocial Community Manager


VSocial Community Manager supports various Social Media Services (also referred to as Points of Presences, or POPs).


  • Status - Timeline/Wall Post
  • Links - A Status of type Link (a link posted to the timeline)
  • Photos - A Status of type Photo (a photo posted to the timeline)
  • Videos - A Statusof type Video (a video posted to the timeline)
  • Messages - A Private Message to the Page by a Fan


  • Tweets - A standard Tweet - tweets from Twitter accounts our account follows
  • Mentions - Tweets that mention our account
  • DMs - Tweets that were direct messaged to our account
  • Saved Searches - Streams of Tweets from saved keywords

Vocanic Customer Support App

Vocanic's own Facebook Customer Support application allowing threaded support conversations from Fans

  • Ideas - A query of type Idea
  • Queries - A query of type Query
  • Questions - A query of type Question

Vocanic Webform App

Vocanic's webform app which allows a simple one-way communication channel from Facebook Users

  • Query

With the exception of the Webform app, VSocial Community Manager allows replies to be authored and sent to any Conversation type from above.

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