Working with Twitter Saved Searches

VSocial Community Manager allows for "Saved Searches" to be added to Twitter accounts that are monitored by VSocial.

The administrator can manage Saved Searches by first clicking on the "Settings" tab from within VSocial Community Manager:


From the Settings Menu, click on Saved Searches.


You'll be presented with the following form:



Creating a New Search Term

You can quickly add more search terms by typing in a title, the search text, and select the Twitter account you wish to associate it with. 

Note: You will only be able to reply to the tweet from the Twitter account you associate the saved search term with. Choose carefully if you have more than one Twitter account.


In the above example, we are adding a search phrase "My new search phrase" and are associating it with the Acme Twitter account. Once added, only tweets that have the exact phrase "My new search phrase" will be pulled in.


Managing Current Search Terms

The current list of search terms will be listed.


To remove one, simply press the "Remove" link. This will not remove previously stored Tweets that matched this search term. It will, however, stop searching twitter for the search term.

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