Mission Control - Limitations Q and A

  • Why are certain Tweets and Instagram posts not getting pulled into Post Geo screen?

The GEO screen is a location based screen where Tweets and Instagram posts that contain the hashtags and keywords that we are tracking are displayed on a world map. If a particular Tweet or an Instagram post is not Geotagged by the author then the Tweets will not get pulled into the screen as we are unable to identify the location of the post.

  • Is the River of News feed screen real time?

Yes, the River of News feed screen is real time. However, a slight delay needs to be expected. This is because, since the moment a post is made, our data services need to crawl the social channels and pull in the post. Also, the screen refresh time is 30 seconds.

  • Why do I not see Facebook data on the Brand Buzz screen?

In order for Brand Buzz screen to display Facebook data, an active subscription to Social Studio is required as Social Studio is our data source for public Facebook posts.

  • Why do I not see past data on the Mission Control screens?

Mission Control is a product built to work from the point enabled onward. Therefore posts which are published since the screens were enabled onward will be pulled in and displayed.

An option to obtain past data is available if needed. A request needs to be sent to mesh.support@vsocial.com for us to assess the feasibility.

  • Why do I not see the Followers count of the influencers in Top Influencer screen?

Instagram does not allow 3rd party applications to send in any amount of requests to their API. Therefore we need to utilize the amount of request which is allocated to our system to pull in “Likes” and “Comments” which we believe are more important than the “Followers” count.

We are working on a workaround to be able to get the followers count but at the moment it is unavailable.

More information on Instagram request limitations: https://www.instagram.com/developer/limits/

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